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Solar parking looks cool at high temperatures, and friends like it
Solar parking looks cool at high temperatures, and friends like it

Double typhoon "Haitang" to the hot summer brings coolness, Hefei two days ago the highest temperature is over 40 DEG C. High temperature, for a car family is a torment. The car was completely exposed to the sun in the parking lot. For a moment, the car was like a steamer and could cause spontaneous combustion. But now, in many parts of Hefei, solar parking is becoming popular, and solar power is two, and it looks cool from a distance.

It is reported that the roof of the solar car park is made up of solar photovoltaic panels, and has good heat absorption and thermal insulation performance. In this hot summer, the photovoltaic panels protect the sun from the heat and glare from the sun. In winter and other seasons, photovoltaic panels protect against wind and rain and protect the car from rain and snow. The picture shows a solar parking lot in front of an office building in Hefei government district.

Of course, the most important function of solar parking is to generate electricity and provide clean and renewable energy sources. The power can be sold by oneself or sold with charging piles, which can be directly used for charging new energy vehicles. The picture shows a huge solar car park in an electronics company in Hefei.

At present, in Anhui, this solar parking lot covers office buildings, factories and high-speed service areas. The picture shows the solar parking area of Anhui six speed high speed Mount Holyoke service area.

Hefei Economic Development Zone a forklift company parking lot is Anhui's largest solar parking lot, parking lot on the roof laying solar cell module 3454, a car can be parked more than 300 vehicles, the average annual also provides about 800 thousand kwh of green power.

The picture shows the solar parking lot of a company in Hefei hi tech zone.

The picture shows the G50 high-speed Hefei Xinqiao service area solar parking lot.

The picture shows the G50 high-speed Lu'an West Bridge service area solar parking lot.

Not only in Anhui, but now solar parking in the domestic and foreign countries are not uncommon. The picture shows the Lockheed Martin company in Florida, USA, with a solar parking area of 151400 square feet, a spectacular view from the sky. The car can be parked near 1000 car field once, green power can also provide an annual average of more than 300 kwh.

the follows some of nice solar parking for your reference .


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