Solar Panel Roof Mounting Systems
Multifunctional Mini Solar System
Multifunctional Mini Solar System

Multifunctional Mini

Solar power System

Warranty : 3 years for the whole set



1、Utility Patent No. .: 201720198728.9

2、Host Appearance Patent No.:201730057761.5

3、Solar Panel Appearance Patent No.:201703116818.4

Standard Configuration


1、Solar Panel:6V3W(6V3W)


3、Battery:Lithium battery:3.7V8AH

4、Led lamp:6V1W *2PCS

5、Cable for solar panel:3 M

6、3 M cable + switch


1、Solar panel:6V3W(6V3W)


3、Battery:Lithium battery: 3.7V8AH

4、LED灯Led lamp:6V1W *2PCS

5、Cable for solar panel:3 M

6、3 M cable + switch

7、MP3/FM /Blue tooth one set


1、Solar panel:6V3W(6V3W)*2PCS


3、Battery:Lithium battery: 3.7V12AH

4、LED lamp:6V1.5W *2PCS

5、Cable for solar panel:3M

6、3 M cable + switch


1、Solar panel:6V3W(6V3W)*2PCS


3、Battery:Lithium battery 3.7V12AH

4、LED lamp:6V1W *2PCS

5、Cable for solar panel:3米

6、3 M cable + switch

7、 MP3/FM /Blue tooth one set

/ Basic description

Solar panel:

1、Outer shell is made by ASA material ,which can withstand high temperatures even under the condition of 90 degree, sunshine or cold weather, it will not  be out of shape.

2、Solar wafers: the combination of high temperature laminate The lifetime can be 25years.It is not easy to be worn and  warter proof. So it can be used inside water.

3、Solar panels, which are all automated machine permutations, are not skewed, and are nearly identical in all directions. Exquisite workmanship.

4、Power: 100% greater than or equal to 3W, no negative tolerance.

Main machine

1、The main machine is made by ABS material , not easy in deformation, good toughness

2、The controller is consist of Seiko original device.

3、The battery is assured to be recycling used 800times ,which is not lower 80% capacity.

LED lamp

1、Made by MCPCB.

2、120LM/W / 5730 light beads are made of all-copper using gold wire brackets.

3、The lifetime can be 50000 hours.

4、Outer shell is made by PC+PS material

5、The hanger is made by PP material.

MP3/FM/Blue tooth (with amplifier)

1、 Outer shell is made by ABS material, very smooth.

2、MP3 is assembled by TF card.

3、FM singal is super good. It can receive the channel even under the bad environment.

4、Blue tooth can deliver music or voice through mobile phone ,computer,laptop.

5、The speaker is multimedia speaker horn.

6、USB provide power, plug and play.

Cable material

1、Use copper stranded wire.

2、No.22 wire can go through 3A current.

3、The DC plug is more reliable with pure copper shadow insertion

4、 The LED light pressure drops to 0.1 V,Very low wastage.

5、0.1W . The wastage of solar panel power is lower 0.1W.


1、Use hard paper to strengthen the box . which protect the goods to avoid the broken.

2、The use of the heavy 1MM, the strength is higher,It looks very upscale.

3、Led lamp, solar panel, main machine, MP3 can be well protected by this box.

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